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Everything You Need to Know About Consulting Hive and What It Means for You…

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

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Hello everyone!

A good day to you all and welcome to our first blog post. Thank you to our followers and visitors on LinkedIn, Facebook and here on our website.

Here at Consulting Hive, it has been an exciting last couple of months for us as we set upon a new adventure, doing what we are passionate about. However, it has also involved some anxiety, adrenaline rush and some more excitement. This means that being a new “start-up”/business, we know what it means to take risks and are able to provide first-hand insights to our clients. These range from setting up a business, business structuring, developing business plans, development of infrastructure, business financing, tax planning, managing risks, designing and implementing systems & controls. If you are acquiring a business - insights for raising finance, finance structuring, due diligence and valuation are some of the additional services we are able to provide to you.

Once the business is up and running, we can assist in taking the burden off you for some routine responsibilities for the business, for instance, maintaining back office/outsourcing solutions for Finance (Taxation – Self-Assessment/Corporation tax/VAT), financial record keeping & financial statements and Payroll processing), IT and Administration, design policies & procedures, financial training and refreshers for your people resources. We also offer continuous assurance and collaboration. We help you build a strong team by offering risk management trainings to your employees.

For existing established businesses, in addition to the above, we offer specialised assurance & advisory services including Governance effectiveness reviews, Integrated assurance, Model validations, Basel III implementation & related assurance (Financial services – Financial Institutions), Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) & Climate Change Risk Frameworks related assurance and Solvency II & ORSA related assurance (Financial services – Insurance). This frees up time for our clients to focus on consolidating over a strong foundation, and ultimately a better financial future.

While all of the above is of critical value to a business, we understand that small and medium-sized businesses and individuals don’t often have the resources to build these systems. Whereas we can not only provide the resources, but also have the subject matter expertise at our disposal. The wealth of experience of our team has spanned across financial and non-financial services sectors ranging from start-ups to multinational organisations.

As our commitment to you and in line with our business values (Collaborative thinking, working with you not just for you, every business matters), we offer a free one-hour consultation, by appointment, where we will build an understanding of all stakeholders and related communities - what they want, how they think, and how best to tailor our integrated solutions for you.

As a responsible business with a duty to our community, it would be negligent of us to ignore current events in our local and global communities, and how we can provide related financial solutions. More specifically:

Cost of living crisis – We can offer free one-hour consultation on financial planning, budgeting, cash flow analysis, tax planning and root cause identification to effectively reduce costs. For complex businesses, we offer integrated assurance and Operational risk review

Conflicts all over the world (Including the Ukraine War) – For people and businesses displaced and affected, pro bono services. Contact us for details. For complex businesses - Financial crime effectiveness review

Climate Change (Floods in Pakistan) – If you donate money to charities for various causes, we can provide consultancy on taxation planning and how to maximise donations through Gift Aid. We can provide expertise for evaluating the financial impact of climate change on complex businesses, mainly insurance companies (Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) and Climate Change Risk framework assurance)

Please do take a moment to think of people affected by the above events, and if, and how you can contribute to a better world with constructive thinking, actions and behaviours.

If you would like to collaborate and contribute by being a guest blogger or have suggestions for the blog, please get in touch by email. We reserve all editorial rights and will share your edited contributions with you before publishing on our website. You can also contribute by leaving comments at the bottom of this blog, and by subscribing to our mailing list for regular updates.

A big shout-out and thank you to our followers, supporters, friends, families and communities for your continuous support. Please share our website and social media pages & posts with your communities (local, global, friends, professional contacts and colleagues) and follow us on our socials for more updates. We look forward to working with you, for you!

Disclaimer – Our Company policy is not to condone any political & religious views/causes or promote any specific charities.

PS - Our founder’s blog will be published shortly on the website. Watch this space. Please note that the views expressed in that blog will be our founder’s sole views, and in no way of Consulting Hive. Please take those with a pinch of salt 🖖


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