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Musk/Kalanick syndrome and a shout-out to our supporters

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Hello and welcome to another blog. Very first for our CEO. Unfortunately, we have had to heavily edit this post for reasons listed in the latter half of this blog. We aim to unapologetically aspire to be transparent and work with our stakeholders.

There are two main reasons for this blog. One to thank all our stakeholders, supporters. And the other one to have some fun. But let’s first get serious matters out of our way.

“Better an oops, than a what if”. These are exciting times for business leaders. At the same time, leaders face lots of uncertainty and volatility. Add to this, information overload. Inevitably, there are consequences of a decision or indecision, resulting in varied outcomes, ranging from some success stories to some final curtains. For instance, in current news, base interest rate increased to 2.25%,the “debacle” and the partial “U turn” relating to the UK mini budget. Naturally some leaders would not have been prepared to deal with the resulting fallout. Borrowing costs for businesses have gone up and the exchange rate of pound with the US dollar took a hit. Also, costs of doing business with the rest of world are likely to go up. There is a catch 22 for some leaders in this as to whether to think about long term effects and react immediately to mitigate all this, or continue business as usual and do nothing? Difficult decisions to make!

At times like these (an oops situation or a what if situation), we as business partners can establish a long-lasting meaningful relationship by embedding our experience and skills in your business. We can take some burden off of business leaders, act as sounding board and risk managers for risk mitigation. For a free consultation on strategy, risk management, effectiveness review and cost benefit analysis, please get in touch.

Now that the serious part is over, let us give you some reasons for editing this blog and some traits similar to Mr Musk & Mr Kalanick, and conflicting alter egos:

· Excessive use of “I”/“Me” and mild narcissism

· Preaching tendencies

· Off loading

· Talking at others

· Woke tendencies

· Bitterness

· Procrastination

· Over analysis

· Unnecessary distractions

Extracts from the unedited blog:

“As I sit here writing this, all kinds of thoughts are racing through my mind. It has been an overwhelming, absolute overload of Information, thoughts, views, opinions and unsolicited advice. I feel my creativity flowing through my veins. My passion and motivation are back with a vengeance and I feel energised. This has truly been a journey of enlightenment, rude awakenings and discoveries of all sorts.”

“For some odd reason, as soon as I came across this quote, -Better an oops, than a what if-, names of Boris Johnson, Trump and Elon musk among others came to my mind, who seem to be some of the firm believers of this mindset"

“The delay in this post has been due to procrastination and chores”


We would like to thank all our stakeholders, but also some of the special people who have contributed directly or indirectly and have been an absolute inspiration, especially to our CEO’s wellbeing and mental health. For privacy and consent reasons, we have not disclosed full names, just initials. Also, if we have forgotten anyone, please feel free to be rude to the CEO and pester him to mention your name next time.

Family first, especially Mrs CEO, for her unflinching support, putting up with unfinished chores, ideas, design of everything here and the oversight. In no specific order, SK and his team, especially SW and MIA, KS, SN, AdA, YZ, SU, EO, AK and SS. To anyone we have missed out, apologies for the oversight in advance.

Some of you may have had interactions (good or bad) with the CEO previously. Don’t let those views cloud your opinion of the company! Feel free to give us a call/ write to us/ arrange a meeting - virtual or in-person, especially those who we have lost touch with over the years.

Lastly, please feel free to contribute to this post by commenting, sharing, and posting this in your network. You can also support us by suggesting topics you would like us to talk about, being a guest blogger or by offering to be a mentor to our CEO!



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